Smart Reading by Tai Lopez

I am really into knowing more about this guy recently, but here is a video that I stumbled by on YouTube.

In here he is taking about smart, rather than speed reading. He proposed the following:

  • Reading 150 books a year, divided into the following :

1. health: known about yourself and your body.

2. Wealth: money and finance.

3. Relationships: love and other social stuff.

4. Happiness: as well as other charterer traits


  • Repetition rather than volume ( read and re-read)

– also value over volume. He said that you can read fiction if you want but don’t count this as reading ( ouch!)

  • All great leaders are readers. A good example is Bill Gates own page is more or less a blog with his favorite readings ( also known I am thinking of the brilliant Oprah as another good example). Gotta check more great leaders recommendations


Ok, so here is what I am reading in 2018 and I will try to put it in the categories that he suggested.

Current status 2/150 ( counting only the non-fiction or what he called a meaningful fiction books)

* Grey indicates books to-be-read


  1. Thinner, Leaner, Stronger  ( currently reading)
  2. wheat belly ( This is from Tai’s list)
  3.  10 reasons you feel old and fat ( also from Tai’s list) 


1. Retire Inspired – Chris Hogan

2. The total money makeover 

3. Unshakable 


  1. Our Best Life Together
  2. How to win friends and influence people 


1. The art of exceptional living – Jim Rohn – DONE

2. Born to win – Currently Reading

3. See you at the top 

4. Awaken the giant within 


Wow, when truth is evident! It’s shocking !

Interesting how most books are in the ” Happiness ” category followed by Finance .. Need to step up the game guys .. need to step up the game!

I will have to add at least one book in health and one book in the relationship category.

Good that the year is at it’s start .. I will have lots of work to do.. let me know if you would like to join me in this challenge

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